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Monday, October 01, 2007

whoever said the world was round and fair! i should sue that person...if he was still alive that is!
thomas gets a pool table thats wayy not fair.. jeez! i wanna play pool and i gotta pay like 3+ per hour.. well besides the bitching of a pool table which by the way is realli nice(: haha.. you better let me use it!! OR ELSE~ (: nothing happens..yay?! -.-"! spazz~

*ahem* i still dun understand whats up with my family tree.. pathetic right? i havent seen my cousins/aunts/uncles/anyone else i can think of in god-knows donkey years! how does anyone actually open up and talk to cousins who they havent seen since diapers?!!? the onli faded memory one can remember is the annoying pinching of the cheeks as a sign of love. seriously, that kinda love i can do without~ i still dun like my family tree. then again~ whats there to like. i barely noe a quarter of em. the rest are either dead, dying or living in the ulu-est part of the world. great fun in that~ wonder why family is suddenly a topic? because family just started telling me about the oh-so-dangerous and "evil" illness my oh-so-great old man has~ seriously. if you think im offending my father, you have great insight and good inference skills. (history points up) the man leaves more than 9 years ago and he wants me to care about something that happens? well it seems everyone else still cares.. i alwaes get by on the fact saying that i was 8 and i dun have any fuzzy idea of any old man in red clothes with a white beard going ho ho. bahh~ screw it..

if the world is round. put me at the bottom so i can fall.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ahh~ the great joy of the world.. today! i went for my army medical checkup. what pleasure to go for a checkup with tons of other guys and then be placed topless and have nothing but your short pants on. erotic fantasy..NOT! but nevertheless i was entertained(: met friends there~ ooh! miracles. plus with me having short hair makes it all the more shocking! yes ladies and gentlemen, i have SHORT hair with a fringe of no more than 4cm. (i actually measured it) great aint it.. iloveT_T well before i sidetrack too far from my medical. it actually comprises of 8 stations that have to be completed followed by a logic test or so-called IQ which is totally bull.

well went through many stations and i actually had Pes A ratings for all(: which is totally cool but i didnt want Pes A. so thankfully right at the end, i found out that i was overweight by 0.5kg which saved me from being put into Pes A! WHEE~ talk about the sadness in truths! true im not Pes A but im overweight by that small bit! T_T maybe i should cry 0.5kg worth of tears..

bahh~ well among other things in life.. one more thing which has not been mentioned is jo's birthday(: so happy birthday to you~ yes yes~ 16.. a nice age, tons of things legal, tons more waiting. be good ya?! well the time i started this post was 11.45pm, so i changed the timing to be the last person to wish you on your birthday(: yay~ i actually wanted to call but you have school so i cant deprive you of sleep no no(: good luck god bless blahblahblahh~ (:

well aniwaes, i got my blood sapped earlier so imma go rest up and doze off! besides its late! i have valid reasons! dun sue me(:


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

sunday. a day of rest. kick back and watch the clouds. yup~ that sounds nice.
so while kicking back. i searched the web for my newfound interest(:
there are more pictures but those are for me(: haha~
well aniwaes, after alwaes going out daily. now when im nto going out~ its so dead and boring!
seriously-geez! well now currently im playing my games on my lil friend(: monster hunter again~
oh among other not so important news there is an insane thing that is going for me now.. im mapling again~
can you believe that! i still cant.. i never thought i would go back to that game.. but like i said its boredom.
screw boredom~ its screwing my mind! but i dun realli have tolerance to stick to a single game for too long so i game hop. and this happens! maple~ -.-"! well at least i have a friend playing it with me so its not that lame..
speaking of which. the bum is looking for me now. byebye(:

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

today was long~ but it was eventful. met up with hafiz and ochibi at bugis.
i still think that place is ah beng/lian infested~ so annoying to be there..

but i had a motive(:

i went to see 樱桃帮! for the chinese challenged friends of mine(: Ying Tao Bang!
or for the ones unfamiliar, their english name Cherry Boom(: meh

for those who want a feel of the group, check my playlist below.. i changed it to be cherry boom instead of yui(: i still love yui.. but cherry boom realli reminds of yui so its fine(: and their vocalist realli looks like a chinese avril.. which looks so much cuter and she can sing xD
~oh hush! i like cute girls who can sing(: sue me!~

sorry but i dun have a photo of the hots.. so google it yourself~ but being the nice person i am..
ill give you the link to google(:

ok thats the best ill do for you.. do the rest yourself(:

and that lousy ochibi! gets a pretty girl stand beside him for a whole 1 hour and he does nothing but watch! what is the world coming to! hellooo~ 1.its a pretty girl. 2.shes alone. 3.*most important* SHES YOUR HEIGHT!! how often do you get that huh?!?! i guess i cant realli say much about all this. i dun have such luxuries. T_T

..where are you? the one i call mine~ please come soon..

...i need you

well ate ayam murtabak at this place near bugis. nice food but not realli that filling so oh well~
aniwaes, im a tired mess so im going to bed. buhbuai~


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Sunday, September 09, 2007

im so mad! so so mad! i cant believe i got such a grading! i slogged so long and hard and i got so low.. where is the justice in this world! and to top it off.. my friendships are on the rocks~ not realli the best of times for me.. well at least its the holidays for me now.. thankfully.. i need it! its so infuriating to think about it..

so im not gonna talk about it! ah ha! well aniwaes, been like uber busy and all.. so never found the time to post again as usual.. lol! dun hate me.. hate my life~ well im living on my own so i guess i cant realli bitch and whine to anyone.. friendships are bad, family aint around to bitch to. i wonder whether im ready to live alone but its not realli much of an option.

well im not realli in the mood to posts so imma make this short.. anyone who wants to ask me out before i disappear from singapore as well, please do so quickly(: lol! im advertising myself~ cool!

well chaoz..


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Thursday, August 30, 2007

ooh~ this update comes at a random time because i have nothing better to do..
im supposed to be writing a report but i just dunno how to write it..
im lazy~ im lan TU-o*insidejoke* (: well other than the usual lame stuff that happens in NTU..
nothing much else goes around.. see lots of pretty girls/cute guys/weird people..

seriously! i saw the sickest thing today.. this doesnt come as new to me but its the first time ive seen it and its totally gross..
this is a gross shoutout..*ahem*


i pity anyone shorter than CN girls.. they suffer greatly.. im so not kidding! it is the total sickness!
i lost my lunch dinner and almost lost my breakfast by seeing it! its damn disgusting.. singaporean girls.. please continue to shave and please do not ever stop. thankyou!

well i dun realli have the luxury of time.. i best get to my report so buhbuai! and PLEASE SHAVE!(:



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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


yay~ my phone is working fine again! im so happy.. oh well~ many great things happened today! one such thing was my phone which started working! *zaam!* its magic(:
the other great thing is my sister who is in calgary was featured on the news.
nono~ not in a bad way. she got 1 minute of air time! can you believe that! life sucks.. its not fair!
the most annoying part about it.. she hasnt even been there for more than 2 weeks.
oh well.. happy for her nonetheless.

im real tired of my NTU life. its so strenuous. at least its fun(: though im there til so late.. its like 9 to 6 daily. can you believe it! and im alwaes so busy. i cant even skip. if not i get a BIIG scolding.. i pity myself~ but what to do.. that is the life of me in NTU..

aniwaes, imma stop now. i need sleep and rest and zonk and stone. (:(:


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